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17 May 2019 (14:20)

New respawn and bug fixes

We fixed some bugs like rope creatures inside protection zone, lamp teleport to protectio zone.Now the monster in temple are non-aggressive.  
Now we have a big area in the south of the map with Demons, Behemoths, Hellspawns. Follow the image:

15 May 2019 (12:13)

Change Log

  • - New tasks was added
  • - Training room protected (in progress)
  • - New buy offers on Mad
  • - Some creatures loots are increased 
01 May 2019 (19:54)

Welcome back!

21 April 2019 (20:21)

Easter Event Day

Happy Easter!

21 April 2019 (08:29)

Patch 5.1

Little things, big deals

- Quiver was added on perac;
- Tasks npc bugs was fixed;
- Map glitches was fixed;
- Wand of Amethyst are now used by sorcerer and druids.
- Furniture NPC was added in north-east of temple, called "Obi".

Have a happy easter!

19 April 2019 (06:58)

Patch 5

Arena - lets fight!

18 April 2019 (15:38)

Patch 4.2

Hello dear players,

- Blessings are available from the Morty NPC (temple). All blessings will cost 100,000 gold coins(100k).
- Tasks are now repeatable
- Prices in web SHOP was decreased
- Exura sio now healing a larger amount of health points.
16 April 2019 (04:40)

Patch 4

Some Changes

- New areas in Iceland and creatures
- Decrease 0.2 second to healing exhausts and increase 0.2 second to aggressive exhausted 
- Decrease of paladins base damage
- Red skull time was reduced to 2 days
- Items now have boosts in your descriptions
- The doors inside the training room can be accessed by one player
- New tasks (demon, hellspawn, behemoth, ice mage, ice lord, winter soul)
- Boats can be used without busy "queue"
- All items bought in SHOP have a track code
15 April 2019 (11:32)

Ice Land

The Iceland is Available

The boat NPC are close to Temple. You can say: "ice", "yes".

10 April 2019 (16:19)

Patch 3

Finally, patch 3 has arrived.

07 April 2019 (11:58)

Patch 2

Hello dear players,

Today we released a lot of important changes:

- NPCs with respawn bugged
- Vocations regenerations is now doubled (20 hp and 20 mp)
- Houses doors are fixed
- Damage of weapons are now increased
- Two news quests are added on the map
- Amulet of loss now costs 35k (35000 gold coins)
- Players with skull can't enter PZ anymore
- Drill arrows and assassin star were added on Perac(NPC)