Top Killer
Bezsensumojezycie 30 murders
Daily Monster
DEMON22% more experience
Top Level
Gamemaster Level 345
Powerfull Guild
Seventh Kingdom 2 frags
07 January 2020 (23:28)

Daily Update (7 January)

Today the evil comes to YurOTS!

We changed crucial content:
  • - New type of damage: death, holy, stun, ice damage
  • - Wand of Chaos was changed to death damage
  • - Gems boost weapons stats
  • - 5 new creatures (Dravus, Kremlin, Deadfly, Death Priest, Topus)
  • - Evil set and gems dropped on Mini Bosses (Dravus and Kremlin)
  • - Ice Mage, Ice Lord, Cold Soldier, Winter Soul skills changed to ICE damage
  • - Darkness armor health and mana points works properly
  • - Bugs fixed, like creatures broken quest chests
  • - Orshabaal now drops great shield
Thanks for playing!
On next update new bosses and important quests.
The website map, items and creatures library will be updated soon.

Important note: only the purple gem dont have a chance to broke item when boost.

02 January 2020 (14:58)

Daily Update (2 January)

The new items stats was been released!

On that daily update was changed:
  • - Spellbooks only used only by sorcerers and druids.
  • - Life leech, Mana leech and critical damage used only by knights and paladins.
  • - All melee weapons dropped have a chance have to a custom stats.
  • - New set avaliable on shop.

We are workin on new character profile(website), and bugs in-game that week.

Invite new friends and make a great battle and adventure on YurOTS.

Thanks for playing,
30 December 2019 (10:19)

Daily Update (30 december)

Today we changed a lot of important server structure, take a look:

  • Was added items library page to the website
  • Was added lastest deaths page to the website
  • Website tasks and world map, creatures page's  was changed
  • NPC Geralt was added for exchange task points to special equipments
  • The players now have 15% chance of critical damage (15% more dmg)
  • Was added new items on Mad (NPC Looter)
  • Knights received a new damage formula based on level
The development focus now is on: new map areas, tasks, items, quests, and creatures.

New year events are coming!


19 December 2019 (03:21)

New era

Welcome back YurOTS players! 

After 2 months we redesign the server content to develop that new version.
We really appreciate all feedbacks and support!

Rebalacing: damage, experience gain, items, vocations..

Prepare to fight new enemies, explore new areas and make player versus player battles.