Daily Monster
VAMPIRE33% more experience
Fight Club Champion
Server will start in
Simbol Description Guild data
Abrra Cadabra Total members: 3
Average level: 122
Guild level: 367
Black Rose Total members: 1
Average level: 113
Guild level: 113
Dance Monkey
Connecting To The Game World.. RAWR! Strength running through your body, your heart racing faster and adrenaline fueling your every weapon swing. All in a little bottle. No refund for destroyed furniture. For further questions consult your healer or potion dealer.
Total members: 7
Average level: 94
Guild level: 658
Marllboros Total members: 1
Average level: 136
Guild level: 136
PROGRESSIVE Total members: 1
Average level: 102
Guild level: 102
Seventh Kingdom Total members: 4
Average level: 135
Guild level: 540
The Blood Dragons Total members: 1
Average level: 83
Guild level: 83
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