Top Killer
Failure 12 murders
Daily Monster
DRAGON LORD26% more experience
Top Level
Radical Level 133
Powerfull Guild
Children of Chaos 6 frags
Who is Online
Outfit Name: Guild: Level: Vocation:
Ninja In Pijama 101 Royal Paladin
Torgowiecjajoglowiec 64 Master Sorcerer
The Freeks 46 Elite Knight
Storm Spirit 108 Master Sorcerer
Leewy Druid 26 Druid
Xalver The Great 104 Royal Paladin
Cozz Children of Chaos 124 Master Sorcerer
Delih Thugboltarz 8 Paladin
The Wall 111 Elite Knight
Failure 93 Master Sorcerer
Support 99 Elder Druid
Czarna Mamba 54 Master Sorcerer
Lyfe Vipers 72 Royal Paladin
Vegeta English Speakers 112 Elite Knight
Kapitan Planeta 8 Knight
Canela Gorda 61 Master Sorcerer
Radical 133 Royal Paladin
Yoru Sulfur 78 Elite Knight
Taktik 98 Master Sorcerer
Mietek 60 Master Sorcerer
Sanji 15 Knight
Manipulator 50 Master Sorcerer